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From the natural cultivation... 

The production of cinnamon products is very time and work-intensive. Cinnamon can only grow in certain regions and under certain conditions. A cinnamon tree takes many years to harvest. To prevent a possible problem of raw materials scarcity  and to ensure the quality of our products, we lease long-term the cinnamon forests in Vietnam since 2005. This allows us to coordinate cultivation directly on the spot.

 We exclusively use a specially selected variety of cinnamon from Central Vietnam, which is known for its very high quality in the region Southeast Asia. The bark must be removed by hand carefully directly from the tree. They must be dried in the sun for several weeks. A mechanized drying would affect the quality of the cinnamon.

We attach great importance on a fair trade, so that many people profit from our cinnamon products. For the farmers in Vietnam, this meant they could sell their entire crop and are financially hedged in the growing phase. They can thus increase their turnover. We do not use expensive advertising, so we could offert the farmers fair wage for theirs hard works. Every increase in sales is distributed to the employees there. This enhances the enjoyment of our cooperation and secures the motivation of our employees. 

...through to the fair production

Most of our products are made in our factory in Vietnam. Environmentally production as well as fair working conditions are our principle. We hereby expressly distance ourselves from all of the inferior goods production and wage dumping, child labor etc...as it is still usual in many Southeast Asian countries today. 

Many of our products are manufactured on our own design and creation. In addition, we let our cinnamon products regularly checked for ingredients and pollutant content by independent laboratories in Germany. This ensures the consistently high quality of our Cinnea® products.
In addition to the standard range, we also regularly offer new product lines and also the development and manufacture of individual products to the client's requests. 

The Cinnea team in the factory in Vietnam thanks you and looks forward to your order!