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It is no wonder that your feet strike, they have a really hard job: about 120,000 km they have to cover in your life – it is nearly three times around the world. They were locked up upto 12 hours a day in closed shoes, that fit well for your daily work, but not really healthy for your feet. 


What causes sweaty and smelly feet?

The humanity has developed a clever natural “air conditioning” over millenia. There are about 2 million sweat glands in our skin. They bild acid secretions on the skin surface, which so-called acid mantle. If the weather is too hot or our body is heated by effort, these secretion will be built – sweating – to cooling down the body temperature. In addition, this protective sheath inhibits bacterial growth. These sweat glands are most localized in the skin of the forehead, the palms and soles.

This secretion consists mainly of water, adding of urea, salts, lactic acids, amino acids and body lipid of the sebaceous glands of the upper layer of the cornea. The Bacteria grow well in this mixture, where this welding components also form Butyric. If now the body are not enought ventilated, such as underarms or soles, the smell begins its process.

Colloquially there are many terms for the intensively smelling feet, such as Athletes feet , smelly feet, cheese quantum....For those concerned, it is uncomfortable to take off their shoes whereever they are, like at the doctors, friends or after sports in a dressing room! It affects many people in their life quality.

There are many different kind of products on the marktet which help against unpleasant foot odor. For example, baking soda as an acid regulator, deodorant cream and deodorant powder, foot cream, foot spray, shoe spray, foot bath, foot powder, zinc pastes, cedar soles or products with silver ions - their funktion is to neutralize the odor or even prevent sweating what is dangerous for the natural body cycle.


Cinnea Cinnamon insoles solve the root cause of the problem 


According to Asian traditional healing methodsart, the organs in the body are connected with certain zones at the feet by many energy channels or meridians. Healthy feet, which are therefore responsible for the overall well-being, is an important issue here. There are therefore countless herbal formulas in traditional Chinese naturopathy, which are specially designed for the well-being of your feet.

One of the most used medicinal plants in this field is Cassia cinnamon. Unlike Ceylon cinnamon, which is mainly found in foodstuffs, for example, as a spice, Cassia cinnamon is best for external application, thanks to its special property.


"It is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine", "Cinnamomum cassia is a medicinal plant that contains a range of bioactive substances, including cinnamic aldehyde. Studies of cinnamic aldehyde treatment in mid-aged rats have resulted in alleviation of chronic unexpected stress-induced depressive-like behaviors. Cinnamic aldehyde is an enzyme inhibitor drug, immunologic drug, and an anti-inflammatory drug. It is administered orally to treat behavioral and mental disorders, targeting the hippocampus and the frontal cortex. Current findings might be beneficial in treating subjects in depression.…“("Cinnamomum cassia", https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinnamomum_cassia, 08.12.2016). 

Cinnea® cinnamon insoles, also known as "Cinnea®-soles", are made with a cinnamon-herbal mixture from the tried and tested Chinese naturopathy.

The most famous feature of the "Cinnea®-soles" is the effective sweat absorbing property. The antibacterial properties of the cinnamon have led to the formation and multiplication of bacteria, the cause of foot perspiration, as well as many other foot problems, such as nail fungus, nail bed inflammations, etc. Unpleasant foot odor was thus prevented before it emerged.

The ginger contained in the herbal mixture ensures a balanced blood circulation on the feet. This herbal mixture thus acts as a preventive against circulation disorders, which are responsible for the cold or heat on the feet. The problem of cold feet or hot feet is noticeably reduced or even completely eliminated. The shoes create an always fresh, pleasant climate - both in summer and in winter.

In addition, the foot reflex zones are easily stroked when walking through the cinnamon pads, with a surface of natural cotton fibers. This works like a gentle massage, tired feet and legs are so relieved and the overall well-being of the body is stimulated.

With all those positive properties, "Cinnea®-soles" is a unique combined product and is the best-known brand of wellness insoles based on cinnamon herbs all over Europe. 


Quality is a special priority for Cinnea 

Through constant controls, we ensure consistently high quality - from cinnamon cultivation to the finished product. 

Cinnea® cinnamon insoles have a very high quality, a solid processing, are equipped with high-quality, stable materials. The tight mesh seams prevent slipping of the powder within the sole. The air permeable surface provides a dry and comfortable foot feel. The filling ingredients are exclusively made from natural cinnamon and other herbs, e.g. Ginger. No filling materials, no additives, pure nature - as it must be!

Thus, we are distancing ourselves from similar low-cost products on the market. Due to the inadequate processing, these deposits unfortunately often lead to complaints during the wearing. Some sole fillings are even stretched with sawdust and other filling materials. To preserving these, health-damaging chemicals such as wood preservatives are also added. These soles can be recognized by poor processing and inferior materials.

"Cinnea®-soles" are free from chemicals. Our products are regularly checked by the independent German institute, eg PFI e.V., Pirmasens.