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Cinnea® Wellness Latschen Rush Slippers

Experience nature under your feet with Cinnea wellness slippers  

Your foot reflex zones are gently massaged and revitalized while walking on the finely structured footbed with the natural herbal mixture, a sense of well-being! 

In contrast to conventional materials, the footbed made of breathing-active natural substances reduce corneal and sweat formation. Your feet will become  smoother and stay longer fresh. 

Cinnea® wellness slippers are stylish, light, comfortable and suitable both as slippers for home and outside. The use of high-quality and natural materials from sustainable cultivation are regularly controlled by independent laboratories.  

Further characteristics of Cinnea® wellness slippers 

Skin-friendly herbal mixture eliminates unpleasant foot odour, dries and cares for damp feet. 
The structured footbed stimulate the reflexology zones on your feet, improve the blood circulation and refresh your entire body.
Your feet will have a light, pleasant scent throughout the day.

Some tips for using Cinnea® wellness slippers  

These are natural materials with herbal filling - please avoid contact with water.

In case of moisture or strong perspiration, place to dry in a warm and dry place, not directly in a hot place (such as a radiator), at room temperature.
For cleaning do not wash - Please use only a clean, soft, slightly damp cloth to carefully wipe
Cinnea® wellness slippers are stylish, light and comfortable. They are therefore also suitable for the city, the holiday or just for going out - however, they do not withstand for long walks or rough routes.
We recommend to change the cinnamon slips every 6-8 months because of the decreases of the cinnamon-herbal filling effect after this time.