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Cinnea® Cinnamon Insoles - based on cinnamon-herbal mixtures

effective against sweaty footunpleasant foot odour and cold feet                            learn more>>



regulate feet temperature     

inspirational foot reflexology massage effect     

dry and fresh scent     

for a sensational feeling of well-being     


…no more foot odor!     



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The philosophy of Cinnea® is the harmonization of the Asian tradition with the modern European health awareness

Welcome to Cinnea, your online shop for nature connectedness. In our shop you will find nature based products, wich help you to balance your lifestyle. Our product portfolio includes, inter alia, cinnamon insoles, cinnamon home slippers or our rushes collection. Cinnamon insoles are a proven remedy for sweaty feet. However, foot perspiration can be reduced sustainably through our rush and cinnamon slippers.

If you want to know why a variety of our products are in touch with cinnamon - it has a traditional reason. According to the teaching of the traditional Asian Healing Arts belongs cinnamon to a special healing plant. This is due to the fact that in our feet hide a complex body energy channels and meridians, which are important for inner balance and well-being. To promote this, the curative power of cinnamon is used in Asian for thousands of years. Just use this established tradition now for yourself. You will be amazed about our fair price and best quality. You can now also show the beauty of nature in you with our natural beauty products. Cinnea slippers, insoles and many other wellness products invite you to meditate on a European soil.

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